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Personal computer penetration remains relatively low in Solomon Islands; 2005 estimations suggest that there are just 46 PCs per 1,000 people. Internet usage is also low; in 2012 there were approximately 34,313 people with access to the internet, representing just 5.9% of the total population. Facebook users in the country amount to roughly 50% of those with internet access, a total of approximately 17,360 people (Internetworldstats, 2012). In 2010 imports of office related equipment made up 1.17% of the country’s total imports (Observatory of Economic Complexity, 2010).

Computing and software companies in Solomon Islands are very limited. There are a few small companies in Honiara that sell computer related equipment. Examples of local companies include Jap Holdings Ltd; the company distributes computer hardware, software and related products. Office supplies such as printers, stationary and furniture can also be purchased from small domestic companies.

There is a small international market for computers in Solomon Islands, though no multinational companies have offices within the islands. A small selection of multinational software firms such as IBM and Microsoft use their offices in Australia to market products in Solomon Islands.

Information technology policy is lacking in Solomon Islands. In 2000 the government funded Solomon People First Network (PFnet) initiative was launched, with the intention of providing citizens with email access and developing a national ICT strategy for Solomon Islands. Initially PFnet received funding from an array of development agencies and foreign governments. In 2002 PFnet developed Distance Learning Centres (DLC) in all nine provinces in Solomon Islands. The centres offered short vocational courses and had six computers for students to use. A national ICT strategy was never developed and in 2010 government funding for PFnet ceased.

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in Solomon Islands
Daltron Solomon Islands
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eWorld Technology Ltd
Pacific Horizons Consultancy Group Ltd