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A 2008 survey of telecommunications in the Solomon Islands showed there to be 16 main telephone lines, 59 mobile phone subscribers and 20 internet users per 1000 of the population.

The sole provider of telecommunications and internet services in the country is the Solomon Telekom Company. In 2003 its exclusive licence to provide these services was renewed for a period of 15 years.

People First Network (PFnet) operates a community email network with 17 rural access points (2005).  There is 1 television broadcast station, the transmitters for which are located in Honiara, Auki and Gizo. The radio broadcast stations are: AM 3, FM 3, Paoa FM, ZFM100, Wan FM and Gold FM (2002). The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation, founded in 1976, transmits regular programming.

By March 2015, the Telecommunications Technical Assistance Project aims to increase access to a wide variety of reliable and affordable telecommunication services for the majority of the Solomon Islands through efficient and well-regulated competition. The World Bank is funding US$6 million for the project.

The Ministry of Communications and Aviation is the government body responsible for the supervision and regulation of the telecommunications sector.

Telecoms and Internet Service Providers organisations in Solomon Islands
Solomon Telekom Company Ltd