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Agriculture, forestry and fisheries contributed 2.4% of South Africa’s GDP in 2010. Agriculture employs 5% of people and accounts for 81.7% of land use. South Africa has a dual agricultural economy, consisting of commercial farming and a strong export market, alongside subsistence-based production that supports local communities. The country is self-sufficient in most major agricultural products, both crops and livestock and is a net food exporter. The main crops are corn, wheat, sugarcane, fruits and vegetables and the principal livestock products are beef, poultry, mutton, wool and dairy products. South Africa is counter-seasonal to Europe and the closest major southern hemisphere exporter, which gives it a competitive advantage over most competitors. Farming contributes around 8% of the country’s total exports. The country is among the world’s top five exporters of avocados, grapefruit, tangerines, plums, pears, table grapes (for consumption rather than wine) and ostrich products. In addition, South Africa is one of the world’s main wine exporters, making the country both an important trading partner and a viable investment destination. The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries regulates the industry.

Agriculture organisations in South Africa
Advance Seed Limited
Afgri Operations Limited
Barloworld Agrilculture
C K Balers Trekkers & Stropers
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Drotsky Aktief Limited
E H D Components 2005 Limited
Falcon Agricultural Equipment Limited
Farmers' Supply
Foton Tractors
Humansdorp KoöP Bpk Die
Illovo Sugar Ltd
Kwazulu Natal Department Of Agriculture & Environmental Affairs
Namaqua Wines
Ocean Agriculture Limited
Pinetown Agricultural Equipment
Pretoria Brake & Clutch Specialists Limited
Rkf - Industrial & Agricultural Brushes
Rogue Agriculture
Sew Eurodrive Limited
Soillab Limited
Twk Landbou Bpk
U S Wheat Associates Incorporated
Valley Irrigation of South Africa
Van Niekerk Carel Ingenieurswerke Bk
Villa Crop Protection
Weston Agricultural College
Zakhe Training Institute & Agricultural College