Travel in St Kitts and Nevis

Time:Local time is GMT -4.
Electricity:Electrical current is 230 volts, 60Hz.
Language:English is the official language.
Health:No vaccinations are required for travel to the islands, but a yellow fever certificate is required from visitors travelling from a yellow fever infected country. Dengue fever occasionally occurs and there is a high incidence of HIV/AIDS. Medical facilities are adequate, but health insurance is essential, which should include emergency air evacuation.
Tipping:A 10% service charge is usually included in hotel and restaurant bills, otherwise it is customary to leave 10-15% of the bill depending on the service. Taxi drivers receive 10-15% of the fare.
Customs:Nudity is not allowed on beaches and beachwear should not be worn in the towns or villages. It is an offence to wear camouflage clothing.
Business:Business hours are generally 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.
Communications:The international dialling code for St Kitts and Nevis is +1 869. The outgoing code is 1 for the Caribbean, USA and Canada, and 011 for all other international destinations followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 00127 for South Africa). City/area codes are not in use. Internet services are widely available at hotels and Internet cafes. Cable and Wireless Caribbean Cellular (St Kitts) Ltd. provides cellular phone service.
Duty Free:Travellers over the age of 18 may import 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 225g tobacco, and 1.136 litres of wine or spirits without paying customs duty.