Travel in St Vincent and The Grenadines

Time:Local time is GMT -4.
Electricity:Electrical current is 220/240 volts AC, 50Hz (except Petit St Vincent which has 110 volts AC, 60Hz).
Language:The official language is English.
Health:Vaccinations against tuberculosis and hepatitis B are recommended. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers over one year of age arriving from an infected area.
Tipping:A service charge of 10% is often included in bills.
Safety:The beaches do not have lifeguards and drowning is one of the leading causes of death for tourists.
Business:Office hours are 8am to 4:15pm, Monday to Friday, with some business places opening for a few hours on Saturday mornings.
Communications:A modern fibre optic digital telephone system is available. Internet, boat phone, cellular service, telex, telegraph and facsimile access are also accessible. The international access code is +784 followed by the local seven-digit number. International calls can be made using a credit card (Mastercard, Visa and Discover are accepted) by dialing the operator.
Customs:Swimsuits are not appropriate away from beach and pool areas, except at some of the beachfront bars. A few beaches are designated for topless swimming which include Hope Beach on Bequia Island, Macoroni Beach and parts of some beaches on>
Duty Free:Customs duty is not levied on 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 225 grams of tobacco and 1.136 litres of alcoholic beverages.