Government Agencies in Swaziland

The Ministry of Education and Training has authority over all educational institutions and manages the curriculum, assessment procedures and recruitment of teachers. The National Curriculum Centre (NCC) formulates objectives and produces educational programmes. Each of the four districts has a Ministry of Education office that is headed by a district education officer. Swaziland adopted a ten-year basic education programme as part of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) protocol on education. The Swaziland National Commission for UNESCO is headed by the Minister of Education as president, with the principal secretary chairing meetings. Commission members are drawn from all ministries, institutions and NGOs. The Emlalatini Development Centre (EDC) falls under the Ministry of Education and has three departments, namely Correspondence, Agricultural Teachers’ Training Centre and the Vocational Centre.

Government Agencies organisations in Swaziland
Emlalatini Development Centre (EDC)
Ministry of Education and Training
National Curriculum Centre (NCC)