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Agriculture, forestry and fisheries contributed around 20% of Tonga’s GDP in 2010. In 2012 43.1% of land was given over to agriculture. Between 30% and 40% of employment is accounted for by the agricultural sector. Tonga’s main crops consist of vanilla beans, black pepper, coffee, ginger, yams, coconuts, taro, bananas, sweet potatoes, fish and manioc. The principal export crops are squash, fish, vanilla beans and root crops, which are mainly exported to Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa and South Korea. In 2007 meat production was 2,200 metric tons, produced by large commercial style properties operated by the nobles and by smallholder farmers who raise livestock for subsistence and as a form of wealth .The Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Forests and Fisheries is the public sector body responsible for the agricultural sector.