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The computing industry in Tonga is relatively small. In 2005 Tonga had 58 personal computers for every 1,000 people (World Bank, 2005). Internet usage reflects this. In 2011 there were just 12,487 internet users in the country, representing 11.8% of the population. For the same year there were 9,000 Facebook users in Tonga, equal to 8.5% of the population (Internet World Stats, 2011). In 2010 just 1.29% of all imports into Tonga were for computer and office related goods (Observatory of Economic Complexity, 2010).

With a population of just 105,000, the information technology market in Tonga is relatively small. Most computing and office supplies companies in the country operate in the capital of Nuku’alofa. Local computing and office supplies companies can be found in Tonga, many of these are resellers or support providers of globally recognised brands such as Microsoft, HP,IBM and Apple. Tauʻolunga Komipiuta Limited is a Tongan authorised reseller of Apple products, specialising in support services as well as sales of hardware, software and peripherals. Datec, the leading ICT service provider in the South Pacific, is another key player in the ICT sector in Tonga. Services offered by Datec include hardware and software sales, networking solutions, maintenance, support services and training programmes.

There are a few multinational computer and office supply companies located in Tonga, with offices in Nuku’alofa. Global companies include Ricoh, which specialises in office automation products including both black and white, and colour printers and photocopiers.

In 2013 the Ministry of Information and Communications announced plans to reform the telecommunications sector in Tonga. The move comes following plans to introduce fibre optic cables from Fiji in order to increase the country’s internet speeds. Government plans are to improve Tonga’s telecommunications regulatory framework.

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in Tonga
Datec (Tonga) Ltd
Toshiba Dealers Office Equipment Ltd