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The Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (WASA) is the legislated provider of water and sewerage services in the country. An interesting initiative is the Hardship Relief Programme, which provides financial assistance to qualified individuals by assisting with the payment of water bills. Details about the programme can be obtained from the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Environment or from WASA. The National Social Development Programme (NSDP) assists low-income communities by increasing the supply of water and electricity and other basic needs as well as infrastructural development. About 90% of people have access to clean and reliable water services (2010).

Trinidad and Tobago are working towards the 2015 Millennium Development Goal 7 (MDG7), like many other underdeveloped countries, to create safe water and good sanitation. Around 92% citizens do have access to potable water, yet this is available on an uninterrupted daily basis to only 26% of people; 30% of people have a sewerage connection, while 58% rely on soak-always or septic tanks and a further 10% use pit latrines (2014).

Water and Sanitation organisations in Trinidad and Tobago
Crystal Industries Limited
Edgars Cool Water
Ministry of Public Utilities
WASA (Water and Sewerage Authority)
Water for Work and Home Ltd