Education Suppliers in Trinidad and Tobago

There are many local and international publishers operational in the Caribbean, most of which publish materials for and about Trinidad and Tobago. The Learning Materials Evaluation Committee (LMEC), under the Ministry of Education, evaluates textbooks and learning materials for use in primary and secondary schools throughout the country. Macmillan Caribbean, Longman Caribbean and Caribbean Educational Publishers all provide valuable resources. All local, regional or international publishers, authors, textbook writers or booksellers may submit textbooks and learning materials for evaluation by the LMEC. The Ministry of Education also runs the Textbook Rental/Loan Programme (TRP), which provides textbooks and educational resources to all students at no charge.

Education Suppliers organisations in Trinidad and Tobago
Caribbean Educational Publishers
Christian Education Center Limited
Education Resource Centre
Lexicon Trinidad Limited
Materials Evaluation Committee
R. I. K. Services Limited
The Book Specialists