Find Industry and Manufacturing expertise in Tuvalu

Manufacturing contributed 0.9% of GDP to Tuvalu’s economy in 2011, while the value added figure for manufacturing stood at 1,5% of GDP in the same year (World Bank). Annual percentage growth for manufacturing was 13.8% in 2011.

Tuvalu’s main industries are fishing and tourism, and the country also exports small quantities of copra (dried coconut meat from which oil may be extracted). Manufacturing sub-sectors include small-scale timber processing and various handicrafts. Tuvalu’s population depends on subsistence activities for its livelihood due to the country’s small size, distribution over several islands, and scarcity of exploitable resources.

Tuvalu’s exports, predominantly consisting fish and copra, totalled an estimated US$600,000 in 2010. In the same year, animals, fuels, manufactured goods, food and machinery imports totalled $16.5 million, a rise of approximately 3.5 million on 2005 figures (CIA World Factbook). Imports are sourced mainly from Australia and Fiji.