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Trade associations are membership bodies for companies operating in particular areas of industry, and exist for the benefit of the business owners themselves. The Tuvalu National Chamber of Commerce (TNCC) was established in 1978 to serve the needs of businesses by working together and promoting an enabling business environment. There is no industry base in Tuvalu and very few private sector organizations, mainly in the form of cooperatives in retail and wholesale, and import of food and household items. TNCC has suffered from a lack of commitment by its members, with many withdrawing to establish the Private Sector Organization of Tuvalu (PSOT). The Tuvalu National Chamber of Commerce is part of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Commerce which is based in Funafuti. Tuvalu also has a couple of trade associations. The Women in Business Association is one such trade body which aims to optimize the business prospects of small or medium businesses run by women.

Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce organisations in Tuvalu
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