Government Agencies in Tuvalu

Government education agencies are under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture. The most prominent programs are the Education for Life (EFL) and the Education for All (EFA) initiatives. These have a wide range of goals which span the entire education sector. Goals include expansion of early childhood education, universal access to and completion of primary education, improvement in learning achievement, reduction of adult illiteracy rate, expansion of provisions and increased acquisition by individuals and families of the knowledge, skills and values required for better living and sustainable development. To fund its educational overhaul, Tuvalu secured financial assistance from Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Japan, France, and other countries. Examinations have been put in place to monitor quality and standards of education within Tuvalu. In addition schools are regulated by School Supervisors, which report for each school.

Government Agencies organisations in Tuvalu
Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture