Find Insurance and Reinsurance expertise in United Republic of Tanzania

Insurance business has grown rapidly during the 2000s, especially motor insurance, following reform of financial services. The World Bank reports that in 2011 insurance and financial services accounted for 1.47% of commercial service imports and 3.6% of commercial service exports. 

The industry comprises several companies dominated by the state-owned National Insurance Corporation, which employs about 55% of some 1,000 people working for the insurance companies. A further 1,500 are employed by insurance agencies and brokers. One of the largest insurance companies operating in the country is the government-owned National Insurance Corporation of Tanzania (NIC) which is a subsidiary institution of the Ministry of Finance. 

The Tanzania National Reinsurance Corporation (TAN-RE) is an important body working in the sector and operates in Tanzania and further afield in Africa. Operating since 2004, the corporation writes several kinds of reinsurance business including the marine, aviation and pension business. 

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in United Republic of Tanzania
Africa South Insurance
African Life Insurance (Tanzania) Ltd
Alexander Forbes Tanzania Ltd
Alliance Insurance Corporation Limited
Aon Tanzania Limited
Aste Insurance Co. Ltd
Astra Insurance Ltd Brokers
B. R. Puri & Company Limited
Bar Insurance Co.
Blannysons Insurance Brokers Ltd
British - Tanzania Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Ltd
Bumaco Insurance Brokers
Busara Insurance Brokers Ltd
Citizen Insurance Consult (T) Ltd
City Insurance Ltd Consultants
Coffee Tree Insurance Arranges
Corporate Insurance Brokers
Denbrow Insurance Ltd
Deposit Insurance Board
Desert Insurance Brokers
Eastern Insurance Brokers Ltd
Endevour Insurance Ltd Consultants
Equity Insurance Brokers Ltd
F & P Insurance Brokers Limited
F. R. S. Assessors
Finx Insurance Brokers (T) Ltd
Gati Insurance Brokers Ltd
Golden Crescent Assurance Co. Ltd
H.M. Insurance Agencies
Halima Insurance Brokers
Heritage A.I.I Insurance Co. Ltd
Highland Insurance Consultancy
Impex Insurance Brokers Limited
Insurance Institute of Tanzania
Jubilee Insurance Co. Ltd
Kabage & Mwirigi (T) Insurance Brokers Ltd
Karawa Insurance Consultants
Karim Insurance Agency
Kitulo Insurance
Lion of Tanzania Insurance Co. Ltd
LJK Insurance Brokers (T) Limited
Mashim Investments Co. Ltd
Milembe Insurance Consultants Ltd
Ndanu Insurance Brokers (EA) Ltd
Ndege Insurance Brokers Ltd
NIKO Insurance
Orbit Insurance Consultants Ltd
Pacific Insurance Brokers (EA) Ltd
Phenix of Tanzania Insurance Co. Ltd
Prizemann Associates (T) Ltd
Prudential Insurance & Re-Insurance Ltd Brokers
Royal Insurance Tanzania
Side Oceanic Insurance Ltd Brokers
Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA)
Tanzania National Reinsurance Corporation Ltd
Toplis and Harding
Wisdom Investment Co. Ltd
Zanzibar Insurance Corporation