Find Security expertise in United Republic of Tanzania

Public security and policing services are provided by the Tanzania Police Force and the Tanzania Intelligence and Security Services (TISS). Interpol has a presence in Tanzania and is based in Dar es Salaam. 

There are a number of private security firms providing a broad range of services and products to businesses and householders, employing about one million guards nationally. These companies include Group 4 Securicor, Knight Support, Mint Master Security and Security Group. The Tanzania Security Industry Association is the industry body.

Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important part of the sector as ICT in the country improves. In 2003 a National ICT policy was issued by the government although since then there had been no more up-to-date legislation or policies with regards to cyber security in 2013.  

Security organisations in United Republic of Tanzania
Alliance Security Guards
Armstrong Security Guards Ltd
AUA Industrial (T) Ltd
Aurora Premium Outlets Security (T) Ltd
Bees Security Services Ltd
CAD Security Ltd
Camelleon Security Services
Central Security Services Ltd
ComSec Security Systems Ltd
Dragon Security Services
Eastern Security Services Co. Ltd
Embassy Security & Domestic Duties Ltd
F. Security System Co. Ltd
G4S Security Services (T) Ltd
Gallagher Power Fencing (T) Ltd
Gees Security System Ltd
Gema Security Services Limited
Gray Security Services ltd
Group Four Security Ltd
Highland Yard Security Ltd
Imba Security Service Ltd
Intergrated Security Systems
Jeccs Security Systems
Kimm`s Security Systems Co. Ltd
Kiziba`s Security Agencies Co. Ltd
Kk Security Tanzania Limited
Mahiri Security Ltd
Mara Security Guards And Patrol Services Co. Ltd
Masai Security Guards
Mint Master Technologies & Security
Moku Security Services Company
Orbit Security Co. Ltd
Pacific Security Systems Co. Ltd
Pentagon Security Guards
Rhino Security Guard Services Co.
S-Group Security Co. Ltd
Salu Security Service Ltd
Sama Security Services Co. Ltd
Security Group (T) Limited
Solomon Security Co. Ltd
SSTL Group
Tanzania Reliable Security & Protection Services Ltd
Traingle Security Services Ltd
Ultimate Security Limited
Warrior Security
West Security Guards Ltd
Zaptrap Electro Security Fencing Ltd