Regional & Local Government

The Republic of Vanuatu is composed of six provinces: Malampa, Penama, Sanma, Shefa, Tafea and Torba. Each province is administered by a provincial council in addition  to which there are three municipal councils for the cities of Port Vila (Shefa), Luganville (Sanma), and Lenakel (Tafea). These municipal councils are virtually independent from provincial councils. Provincical councils, whose areas of responsibilities are mainly in the rural parts of the country promote regional autonomy. Representatives of custom chiefs are consulted by the councils on customary laws and traditional issues. At the national level preservation of historical and cultural tradition is reinforced by the National Council of Chiefs who are elected at local level and consulted on national issues. The Department of Local Authorities, within the Ministry of Home Affairs, is responsible for overseeing regional and local government and services ranging from education to regional planning. Regional and local governments are responsible for pre-school and primary education, primary healthcare, regional planning, roads, refuse collection and disposal, cemeteries and crematoria, parks and open spaces and the promotion of tourism.

Regional & Local Government organisations in Vanuatu
Department of Local Authorities Vanuatu
Malampa Provincial Council
Penama Provincial Council
Port Vila
Shefa Provincial Council