Accommodation in Belize

Belize has a multicultural range of five-star establishments, though these are in the minority. While several Caribbean resorts exist on the coast, most establishments are simplistic and family-run. Rustic is the by-word here, with electricity in some areas being a luxury. A general rule of thumb is to pay more than $30 USD to ensure better quality. Numerous taxes exist including a 10% sales tax, a 9% hotel tax, and an additional 10–15% service charge. All registered accommodation is listed on the website of the Belize Tourism Board.

Accommodation organisations in Belize
Amigos del Mar
Belcove Hotel
Belize Amateur Boxing Federation
Belize Amateur Cycling Federation
Belize Basketball Federation
Belize Cycling Association
Belize Department of Archaeology
Belize Fishermen Cooperative Association
Belize Football Federation
Belize Game Fishing Association
Belize Hotel Association
Belize National Arts Council
Belize Yacht Club
Chateau Caribbean Hotel
Fine Arts Gallery
Hamanasi Dive and Adventure Resort
Holiday Hotel
Ministry of Rural Development and Culture
National Institute of Culture and History
National Institute of Culture and History (Belize City)
National Olympic Committee
Nautical Inn Resort
Radisson Fort George
Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina
Royal Palm Inn Limited
Sea Sports Belize
Second Nature Divers
The Guardian
Victoria Nature Divers
Windsurfing Belize
Xanadu Island