Travel in Belize

Time:Local time is GMT -6.
Electricity:Electrical current is 110/220 volts AC, 60Hz.
Language:English is the official language Creole, Spanish, Garifuna and Mayan are spoken as well.
Health:No vaccinations are required for entry to Belize although Hepatitis A and typhoid immunisation is recommended. Travelers arriving from a yellow-fever infected area require a vaccination certificate.
Tipping:A service charge of 10% is almost always added to hotel and restaurant bills, so tipping is unnecessary.
Safety:Although most visits to Belize are trouble-free, there have been incidents of tourists falling victim to violent crime. Mugging is frequent in Belize City, and there have also been instances of sexual assaults and murders. Visitors should take sensible precautions to minimise the risks. It is also advisable to use qualified guides for exploratory trips off the beaten track. The country is prone to hurricanes between June and November. Driving standards are poor and road accidents are common.
Business:Business hours are usually 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Communications:The international dialing code for Belize is +501. The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 0044 for the United Kingdom). The area code for Belize City is (0)2. International Direct Dialing is available. Mobile telephone coverage is available throughout most of the country with the Belize Telecommunications Ltd GSM 1900 network, and cell phone rental is available. There are two Internet service providers in Belize, with Internet cafes in urban centers and tourist areas, and an email centre at the BTL office in Belize City. Postal services are reliable with mail taking up to five days to reach Europe.
Duty Free:Duty free items that travelers may take into Belize are 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco, a bottle of perfume, and 568ml of alcohol.