Tourism in Belize

Belize possesses a unique atmosphere and charm, alongside a very welcoming population of citizens who wear their nationality as a badge of pride. The country has a colourful past, having been home to the ancient Mayan civilisation, English buccaneers and African slaves. It has a diverse population and cuisine, with Belize being the meeting point between the Caribbean and Latin America. The architecture features a mix of grand colonial mansions, trading houses and rural thatch-roofed huts; and the natural landscape boasts many tropical rainforests and caves. Belize is the ultimate fusion between a rich natural and cultural destination, and this is reflected in its range of tourist attractions.

Tourism organisations in Belize
Belize Audobon Society
Belize Conservancy Ltd
Belize Global Travel Services Ltd
Belize National Tour Operators
Belize Tour Guide Association
Belize Tourism Board
Belize Tourism Expo
Belize Tourism Industry Association
Belize Zoo & Tropical Education Center
Big Fish Diving Center
Blue Hole / Guanacaste Park Committee
Caribbean Holidays Ltd
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary Committee
Community Baboon Sanctuary
Coral Beach Hotel & Dive Shop
Crocked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
Discovery Divers
Ecotourism Association of Belize
Gaz Cooper\'s Dive Belize
Half Moon Caye Natural Committee
Hamanasi Dive and Adventure Resort
Hugh Parkley\'s Belize Dive Connection
Hustler Tours
Margie\'s Travel Service
Ministry of Tourism and Youth
Mundo Maya Organzacion
Programme for Belize Rio Bravo
Ramon\'s Village Dive Shop
Reef Divers