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There are nearly 800 internet users and 944 personal computers for every 1,000 people in Canada, served by an IT industry with a GDP of almost $60 billion (2009). The sector’s GDP has risen by 32% since 2002, and by 2009 it was the source of 5% of the national GDP. Of the 31,500 IT firms that comprise the IT industry in Canada, around 80% are in the software and services industry. Large local companies include SHL Systemhouse, Cognos and Corel, whilst multinationals like IBM and Hewlett Packard also have a presence in the country. Two of the biggest internet service providers are Bell Canada and Telus.

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in Canada
B-Line Technical Services Inc
Broadview Networks
Buchanan Associates
Bytes of Learning
Ceryx Inc
CMS Consulting Inc
Dell Canada Inc
Mill Basics Office Supplies and Printing