Business in the Commonwealth

As a body of countries, the Commonwealth plays a major part in the world economy on multiple levels. Its members possess shared values — a desire to be competitive on the world stage, an embracing of their inherent diversity and contrasts, alongside a shared heritage and resulting interconnection.

In a business context, the Commonwealth’s diversity makes it extremely competitive. The Commonwealth is made up of a diverse mix of 11 high, 14 upper middle, 18 lower middle and ten lower income countries*. The Commonwealth is a major player in many industries throughout the world; examples include mining where Commonwealth nations rank in the top tier of producers of gold, diamonds, platinum and other metals; information technology services and publishing, where dominance is owed in part to the widespread nature of the English language in Commonwealth member countries; and tourism, due to the vast geographical and cultural range of member countries. Tourism is a major contributor to GDP; seven Commonwealth countries and territories are in the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the sector’s contribution to GDP, many of which are small island states.In financial services including banking and insurance, Commonwealth countries and territories are the biggest offshore financial centres in the world. Another significant industry is that of accountancy, where all the largest firms originate and work within the Commonwealth, and where the most prestigious and ubiquitous international qualifications were created.

*World Bank income classifications

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