Advertising, Marketing and PR

Overview: Advertising, marketing and PR in the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is virtually a market economy where advertising, marketing and public relations (PR) practices exist in all its member countries.

Advertising, marketing and PR practices are strongly interlinked and can be confused to mean one thing. Marketing is mostly concerned with promoting and selling products and services as well as changing and responding to consumer attitudes. Advertising, essentially a subset of marketing, mainly involves the public promotion of some product or service in a ‘one-way’ manner that is business-to-consumer. PR is very similar to marketing and may have similar effects; it involves mainly the management and promotion of an organisation’s or individual’s reputation and image.

Some experts say that the extent to which companies use sophisticated advertising, marketing and PR tools and techniques is mostly a function of the relative size of the economy. In the Commonwealth companies in the United Kingdom and Canada are seen as the most advanced in their marketing methods, and at the other end of the scale, many companies in developing member states are viewed as middle-of-the-road or rudimentary in their approach*.

* The Global Competitiveness Report 2011-2012 data

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