Education NGOs and CSOs in Grenada

Grenada has several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations (CSOs) working in a variety of sectors, including national development, gender, environment, education and health. NGOs and the private sector both participate in the formulation of educational policy and planning. They are involved in the improvement of the educational infrastructure; they offer academic and vocational training programmes, such as sewing, home economics, typing, business development and health; and they deliver practical support, such as on the job training for instructional programs in schools. The most prominent NGOs and CSOs in Grenada are the New Life Organisation (NEWLO), which offers vocational skills training for young people; TAMCC, which is a community development organization for adults; and the Programme for Adolescent Mothers (PAM), which offers further educational opportunities for women who have left school because they are or were pregnant. PAM received a Nation Youth Award from the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Sports for ‘The Most Outstanding NGO in Youth Development.’

Education NGOs and CSOs organisations in Grenada
Agency for Rural Transformation Ltd