Government Ministries

The political head of each of Guyana’s some 18 ministries is a minister who is appointed to office by the president. Ministers can be selected from within or without the unicameral National Assembly. Un-elected appointees become members of the National Assembly by virtue of their holding office but are not permitted to vote in the assembly.

Some ministers are also selected to join the Cabinet, which together with the President and the prime minister, forms the executive decision making arm of the government, discerning the general policy direction of the administration. The highest ranking civil servant in Guyana is a Permanent Secretary who, under the general direction and control of a Minister, supervises the operations of government departments and ministries.

Government Ministries organisations in Guyana
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Amerindian Affairs
Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
Ministry of Fisheries, Crops & Livestock
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Trade & International Co-operation
Ministry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Housing & Water
Ministry of Human Services & Social Security
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Legal Affairs
Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development
Ministry of Public Service
Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce
Ministry of Transport, Communcation and Hydraulics
National Assembly
Office of the Minister for Parliamentary Affaiirs