Find Water and Sanitation expertise in India

Water in India is supplied by the state-run National Water Board (NWB), and is under the Chairmanship of the Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources. NWB co-exists alongside regional water boards, such as the Delhi Water Board. Due to the country’s huge economic growth, the resulting massive demand is putting strain on existing resources. This has resulted in the degradation of the quality of tap water, which often has to be boiled or distilled to use; and has also resulted in a booming industry in bottled water. The Economic Times has estimated that the bottled water industry has been growing at a 40% rate (2010). This lucrative market has attracted major multinationals such as Coca Cola, Pepsi and Nestle; which is competing with the native Palre, with its Bisleri brand. In August 2012, the Government of Dehli approved a proposal to involve private entities in the distribution and maintenance of the water supply in three areas of the city on a public-private partnership basis.