India has strategic importance globally because off its size, population, location and growing economic strength and military prowess. Its rapid economic growth particularly has made it the focus of a great deal of international attention. Its influence is formally expressed through over 120 countries that it exchanges embassies and high commissions with. The rise and growth of India’s economic power and influence coincided with an outwardly looking approach in trade in not just goods but also services. The country has considerable political and commercial ties with the United States, Japan, member states of the European Union including the United Kingdom, China, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Today, the country’s foreign policy could be summarily described as pragmatic with emphasis on national security, trade and promotion of its international influence particularly through its pursuit for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The Ministry of External Affairs is the lead government ministry in foreign affairs. Its website provides great historical detail of its foreign relations with almost every country in the world.

Embassies organisations in India
Indian Embassy in Washington DC, United States
United States, Embassy of the