Find International NGO expertise in Malaysia

There are many international NGOs operating in Malaysia in education, health and initiatives to enhance democracy and good governance. They include the Red Crescent Society, Transparency International, World Youth Foundation, Asia Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organisations, Raleigh International, and Amnesty International. Raleigh International, for instance, has been working on education projects in parts of Malaysia, while Amnesty International has been working to develop responses, build capacity and find ways to raise awareness of perceived human rights breaches.

International NGOs organisations in Malaysia
Amnesty International
Asian and Pacific Development Centre
Habitat for Humanity in Asia and the Pacific
International Committee of the Red Cross
Malaysian AIDS Council / Malaysian AIDS Foundation
Tenaganita (A Woman and Migrant Workers Rights Organization)
Third World Network
Transparency International
World Youth Foundation
YWCA - Young Women\'s Christian Association