Education Suppliers in Mozambique

The Ministry of Education’s Strategic Plan for Education and Culture 2006-2011 seeks to provide one book per subject per student and has received a grant from the External Cooperation Partners towards the cost of education. Part of the grant has been allocated to contracting the printing and supply of bilingual education textbooks. In 2003 Opifer, a Finnish consultancy company, assisted in facilitating the transition in the provision of educational materials towards new funding and commercialised mechanisms with particular focus on the capacity and role of the Caixa Escolar (The School Fund). Learning materials, according to government policies, should be free for the first seven years of compulsory education in Mozambique. Free distribution of learning materials, however, covers only the first two years of primary school. In terms of publishing, the independent observers maintain that Mozambique has a comprehensive legal framework that protects copyright.

Education Suppliers organisations in Mozambique
Books for Kids Africa
Communication & Computer Stationery Ltd
DINAME - Distributor of School Material
Kapicua Books Multimedia Ltd
MC & Sons Ltd