Welcome to Mozambique


Filipe NyusiHis Excellency Mr Filipe Jacinto Nyusi
President of the Republic of Mozambique

I warmly welcome you to Mozambique. This is a country with a great deal to offer. Our agricultural potential is immense; our vast mineral and energy resources are still waiting to be tapped; the natural beauty of our long coastline and the rich fauna and flora of the interior are open and idyllic secrets to share with our visitors. Our arts, culture and culinary add to the hospitality that motivates you to come back, as soon as you cross our borders.

Our economy has been responding positively to the peace and stability we have been enjoying, at the length and breadth of Mozambique. As a result, it has been growing steadily at the average rate of 8%, a year, in the last decade. Our business environment has, likewise, been improving by the day, attracting small and medium sized enterprises. We are also the destination of mega projects such is the case of the heavy sands, in Chibuto and Moma, gas, in Temane, coal, in Tete, and the ever expanding MOZAL aluminium smelter, in Maputo.

With all this potential and developments and yet with more than 50% of our people living in absolute poverty, we have declared a war against this scourge. We greatly value your partnership and encouragement in this struggle, which, we are certain, we will win.

Understandably, in this concise presentation of our “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, I can only scrape the surface of the many and diverse available opportunities for you. I, therefore, encourage you to explore the Commonwealth of Nations website and the attendant links.

The above message was provided by the previous President.


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