Independent Schools in Mozambique

Gross enrolment overall: 58.9% (2007)

Primary female–male ratio: 0.91:1 (2011)

Secondary female–male ratio: 0.87:1 (2011)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 59:1 (2010)

Secondary pupil–teacher ratio: 35:1 (2010)

There are seven years of compulsory education starting at age six. Primary school comprises cycles of five and two years and secondary two cycles each of three years. Some 35% of pupils complete primary school (2009). The school year starts in January.

Independent Schools organisations in Mozambique
Agraria Bilibiza School
American International School of Mozambique
Anglican School of St. Cyprian
Beira International Primary School
Business School of Catembe
Chimoio International School
College Kugombwe
Cuamm International College
Grandeur International School
Januarius Peter Secondary School
Kitabu College
Lichinga Private School
Magoanine Secondary School
Maputo International School
Primary School of Zimpeto
Primary School Secondary Herman Gneiner
Primary School Wiriamo
San Dámaso Secondary School
School Agraria Niassa
School Agrarian Inhamussua
School Fona of Nampula
Secondary School Emilia Dausse
Secondary School General Coalane
Secondary School of Mucoque
Willow International School