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Pakistan has an adult literacy rate of 55% (2006), and most of the population are familiar with the official languages, Urdu and English. There are many regional languages, of which Punjabi, Sindhi and Pashto are the most widely spoken.
The composition of Pakistan’s workforce mirrors the composition of its industry, the major player in both being agriculture. In 2007, a labour force survey indicated that just over a third of the workforce was employed in agriculture or fisheries. By contrast, senior officials, legislators and managers made up 12%.

Whilst only a small percentage of Pakistanis attend higher education, this number is rising. According to the Pakistan Higher Education Commission, enrolment in universities has been increasingly steadily since 2001, when just fewer than 300,000 students enrolled, to around 800,000 students in 2008.

The Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues visas and work permits for those seeking employment in Pakistan. Work visas lasting up to two years are available for managerial and technical personnel, and are issued by the Pakistan Board of Investment. 

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