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PC and internet penetration in Samoa is very low, representing 2.35% (World Bank, 2006) and 7% (World Bank, 2010) respectively. In 2010 the countries total internet users were estimated at just fewer than 13,000 people. ICT products make up just 2.37% of all Samoa’s imports (World Bank, 2010).

In light of this, Samoa has a very limited selection of ICT firms. A well-known local firm is Computer Services Ltd (CSL) a government-established company traditionally responsible for providing computer related services to Samoan government departments and corporations. In 2011 CSL launched a project to provide internet access to primary schools in Upolu and Savaii. Another local computing company is CompTech, an entirely Samoan-owned business which aims to support the technological development of local communities, offering hardware and software services at a reduced price.

Major multinational corporations such as Dell, Microsoft and Fujitsu also provide services in Samoa from their headquarters in New Zealand. In the past multinational corporations such as these have been known to work in partnership with the government to help build and improve computing infrastructure in the country. In 2002 Fujitsu was contracted by Samoa Communications Ltd to bring high quality broadband cables to the islands of Upolu and Savaii, in a bid to support future needs and Samoan communities.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is a government agency responsible for facilitating the development of Samoa’s communications sector.

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