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Sierra Leone is a developing country, therefore internet usage is very low compared to the rest of the world. According to the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report, in 2013 only 0.3% of the population of Sierra Leone were internet users, ranking Sierra Leone 144th out of the 144 countries included in the report. The WEF report recorded broadband subscription per 100 people in the population as 0, a rating of 143 out of 144 (WEF, 2013). PC penetration in the country is negligible.

Sierra Leone has a limited base when it comes to computing companies and services. One of the best known examples is SIERRANET, an information exchange community seeking to develop a computer network to enable cost-effective and reliable transmission of information in the country. Local internet service providers include Wolfnet and Limeline. A local company involved in computer services is Holron Computing Ltd; the company offers repairs, advice and hardware, and software sales. Internet cafés, while limited, can also be found in the country; examples include the Aberdeen Telecentre and Internet Café.

There are a few global hardware and software companies operating in Sierra Leone, including Microsoft, IBM and Compaq. However their offices tend to be held in neighbouring countries. IBM operates in Sierra Leone from their offices in Lagos, Nigeria, while Microsoft hold an office in Abidjan on the Ivory Coast.

Sierra Leone has received multiple charitable donations of computers in the past. In 2002 IT Schools Africa (ITSA) provided computers to schools in Sierra Leone to help improve education and assist in recovery following the civil war. ITSA donated 200 computers to 19 schools, reaching a total 15,000 students. In 2008 a solar powered computer centre was commissioned to the Prince of Wales School in Freetown. The project, funded by previous students and donors from around the world, also supplied the school with power and reliable internet access. In 2012 Sierra Leone’s Deputy High Commissioner to the UK began talks with computer charity organisation Computers 4 Africa to discuss the possibility of the charity beginning work in Sierra Leone.

Computing and Office Supplies organisations in Sierra Leone
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