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Singapore has 3,260 km of roads, all paved, with 118 flyovers, the longest of which is the 2.1 km Keppel Viaduct. The 42 km Pan-Island Expressway is the longest road. Traffic congestion is a major problem and private traffic is rationed. A limited number of permits to put a vehicle on the public roads are auctioned every month, greatly increasing the cost of running a car. A highly advanced and efficient metro-rail system, the Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT), connects the city with all residential areas and with the international airport, serving more than 40 stations. A railway across the Straits of Johor causeway connects the island with the Peninsular Malaysian railway system and beyond to Thailand. Singapore has an excellent harbour and is one of the world’s busiest and most sophisticated ports. It comprises of six terminals, a container port and several deep-water wharves. Changi International Airport, 20 km east of Singapore City, has three terminals; the third terminal was opened in January 2008.

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