Government Agencies in Zambia

The Ministry of Education has initiated several projects supported by key cooperating partners to improve the delivery of quality education. The permanent secretary answerable to the Minister of Education is the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Education and is responsible for the management, coordination and overseeing of education services at all levels. The Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) is an autonomous institution that regulates, monitors and coordinates technical education, vocational and entrepreneurship training in consultation with industry, employers, workers and other stakeholders. Institutional accreditation and recognition is by the Ministry of Education. The Examination Council of Zambia is responsible for regulating examinations. University Councils are responsible for overseeing university education within the institutions themselves.

Government Agencies organisations in Zambia
Examinations Council of Zambia
Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives
Technical Education, Vocational & Entrepreneurship Training Authority