John_Magufuli_2015His Excellency Mr John Magufuli
President of the United Republic of Tanzania

Welcome to the United Republic of Tanzania brothers and sisters of the Commonwealth family of Nations. Tanzania joined the Commonwealth of Nations since acceding to her independence in 1961. She has remained a faithful member of this organisation and an ardent adherent and advocate of its principles.

The people of Tanzania enjoy and feel proud to be members of the Commonwealth. They do so because of the benefits they see and get from it. The Commonwealth creates the strength of unity. Through this organisation member states have forged common positions on issues of common interest and built a stronger bargaining voice in regional and international fora. Together therefore, we have been able to shape international opinion as well as our own opinion on some important issues of concern to all of us.

Through the Commonwealth Tanzania, like many other members, has been able to get better access to markets, technology and sources of capital within our fraternity. This way the Commonwealth has been a facilitative organ for promoting growth and development among member states. One can point to the good work being done, in this regard, by the agencies of the Commonwealth, in particular the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).

The Commonwealth has been an important source of technical assistance for Tanzania. Through the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Tanzanian government and people have been assisted in many ways particularly in areas where there is lack of or inadequate technical capacity, expertise or experience. The support and advise extended has helped Tanzania overcome her technical and technological weaknesses.

Tanzania heartily welcomes all peoples from all nations of the Commonwealth to visit Tanzania for leisure, tourism, investment and trade. Tanzania has much to offer in the tourism and leisure industries. A visit to Tanzania will surely delight and excite anyone who visits this beautiful land and meets its people. The serene sandy beaches on Zanzibar shores and the coastline of mainland Tanzania, the great lakes as well as the world-class game parks like Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro should give one a holiday to remember for many years. There are as well many historic sites and beautiful scenic places to comfort visitors.

Tanzania has ample investment and business opportunities. Agriculture, tourism, mining, manufacturing and services such as trade, ICT and transportation present the greatest opportunities in this regard. The investment climate is permissive and the long enduring political stability presents additional incentive.

Perhaps the biggest asset that Tanzania has is its people. A very friendly, warm and hospitable people who will always make one feel happy and welcome.

Allow me to conclude by assuring every nation and every person from the Commonwealth of Nations that Tanzania is committed and will remain committed to the ideals and aspirations of this organization.

You are welcome. Karibuni as we say it in Kiswahili.

Come one, Come all.

The above message was provided by the previous President Jakaya Kikwete. 

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