Welcome to Vanuatu


Hon. Bob LoughmanBob Loughman
Prime Minister of Vanuatu

On behalf of the Government and the people of Vanuatu, it is my privilege to welcome you to the Vanuatu portal of the Commonwealth of Nations website.

We have been accustomed to the sobering developments in international affairs but I am however grateful for the resilience that the Commonwealth family has demonstrated in the face of such challenges. For decades the Commonwealth has stood as a safe-house for its member countries. Our membership in this great family has indeed yielded amicable benefits through the exchange of ideas, good practices and development co-operation.

Vanuatu means, ‘Our Land’ and within the beauty and philosophical realms of this land Vanuatu offers plenty. Vanuatu like other Pacific island countries is unique in terms of the Pacific way, especially the people, diverse culture and language. Our geography is made up of 83 scattered islands with plentiful resources in both land (including the world’s most accessible volcano) and sea (golden beaches and best diving sites). Vanuatu has been voted twice as ‘the happiest place on earth’.

Excellent investment opportunities exist for international business regardless of capital size. Our open door policy has been the basis for many successes, and we look forward to make you welcome.

Our tourism industry is of vital importance to us, but if you’re not a tourist and are seeking business opportunities including in the tourism industry, make Vanuatu your first choice.

Vanuatu is committed to the ideals of the Commonwealth. Promoting democracy, good governance, sustainable development and human security are of primary importance to us.

French and English are official languages for our slice of paradise and on this occasion, I bid you, Welcome or Bienvenue au Vanuatu.

The above message was provided by the previous Prime Minister.


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