Government Ministries

The political head of a ministry, such as the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Affairs or the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, is the minister. The president appoints most of the ministers and assistant ministers from among the members of the National Assembly, but he or she may also appoint not more than four persons from outside the Assembly. The permanent secretary, a non-political appointment, is the chief executive and accounting officer of a ministry with oversight over all its departments, divisions and agencies.

Government Ministries organisations in Botswana
Botswana Amateur Boxing Federation
Botswana Athletics Federation
Botswana Badminton Association
Botswana Football Federation
Botswana Hockey Federation
Botswana Judo Federation
Botswana National Olympic Committee
Botswana Table Tennis Association
Botswana Tennis Association
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology
Ministry of Defence, Justice, & Security
Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation
Ministry of Infrastructure, Science & Technology
Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs
Ministry of Lands and Housing
Ministry of Local Government
Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Affairs
Ministry of Presidential Affairs & Public Administration
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Transport & Communication
Ministry of Works and Transport
Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture
Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture
Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture