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The insurance sector as a whole is small relative to the country’s economy. Nonlife companies dominate the industry. Major nonlife companies include AXA and CHANNAS and for the life sector the leading companies are Beneficial life and SNAC. A regional body, the Interprofessional Committee of the Insurance Market (Conférence Internationale des Marchés d’Assurances-CIMA) acts as regulator and supervisor. CIMA has played a powerful and executive role in Cameroon’s insurance sector since its inception in 1992. Since 1992 it has revoked the licenses of four insurance companies and liquidated a reinsurance company in the country.

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Cameroon
Activa Assurances
AGF Cameroun Assurances
All Life Insurance Co. S.A.
Alpha Assurances
Area Assurances
Ascoma Cameroun
Assurance S.A.
Audit Control and Expertise
Axa Assurances Cameroun
Azur Assurances
Beneficial Life Insurance
Bimassur Assurances
Caisse Nationale de Reassurance
Chanas Assurances S.A.
Dick Insurance
Direct Insurance S.A.
Euro Assurance Cameroun
Fininsur S.A.
G M C (Agence la Colombe)
GIC Galaxie
GMC (Garantie Mutuelle des Cadres)
Gras Savoye Cameroun
Kamto Insurance Corporation
Kom Lucien Assurances
La Citoyenne
La Régionale d'Assurance
La Vida S.A. Assurances
Les Mutuelles Réunies SARL
Mang Jean-Marie
Mouaatcho's Insurances Agency
Protectrice Assurances
SAC Assurances
Saca SCS Cameroun
Samiris SA Assurances
Sattelite Insurance Co.
Sircar Cameroun
STE Bourgne
Western Insurance Assurances