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Construction contributes 4 to 6% of Canada’s GDP (2008–10). The GDP of construction in Canada rose from $55 billion in 2001 to $74 billion in 2010. This is an unbroken upward trend broken only by a dip in 2008–2009. Throughout this period, roughly 222,000 new houses were built on average each year, with the exception of 2008–2009 in which only 112,000 new units were completed. Civil engineering also plays a significant part in Canada’s construction industry; projects such as the Windsor-Essex Parkway contributed $1.6 billion of activity to the sector in 2011. There are various professional institutes for construction and engineering in Canada. Both the Construction Institute of Canada and the Engineering Institute of Canada aim to raise the profile of these industries, as well as promote higher standards through teaching and accreditation.

Construction and Engineering organisations in Canada
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