Government Ministries

Just over 20 ministries conduct the affairs of Fiji’s government; these ministries include the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Primary Industries, and the Ministry of Defence, National Security and Immigration. The political head of each ministry is the minister of state, while a permanent secretary is the head civil servant responsible for the operations of the ministry. Some ministries have a wide portfolio of responsibilities, such as the Prime Minister’s Office, which oversees other ministries and departments. The head of the civil service in Fiji is the permanent secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Government Ministries organisations in Fiji
Ministry for Justice, Electoral Reform, Public Enterprises & Anticorruption, Industry, Tourism*
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Civil Aviation and International Cooperation*
Ministry of Defence, National Security and Immigration*
Ministry of Education, National Heritage, Culture & Arts, Youth & Sports, Labor*
Ministry of Fijian Affairs, Heritage, Provincial Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs
Ministry of Finance & National Planning & Sugar, Public Service, People's Charter for Change*
Ministry of Justice, Electoral Reform and Anti-Corruption
Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Tourism and Environment
Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources*
Ministry of Local Government, Urban Development and Public Utilities*
Ministry of Primary Industries*
Ministry of Public Service, Public Enterprise and Public Sector Reform
Ministry of Public Utilities, Transport, Works and Energy*
Ministry of Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation*
Ministry of Youth, Employment Opportunities, Sports and Productivity