Find Security expertise in Kiribati

Whilst crime is by no means non-existent in Kiribati, the small, family- orientated, island culture of the country means that crimes tend to be the exception rather than the rule. International tourists are often warned against crime when travelling to Kiribati, but crimes against locals are of far less concern. Private security companies (PSCs) are therefore relatively rare.

Possibly the most prominent PSC on the Island is the Kiribati Security Services (KSS), a local company which offers physical security solutions throughout the country from their headquarters in Tarawa. In the public sector security often undertaken by in-house departments, examples of in-house security is used in public corporations such as Telecom Services Kiribati Limited and the Kiribati Oil Company;  as well as public buildings such as the national airports and ministry buildings.

The government of Australia is heavily involved in security in Kiribati; areas of participation include regional programmes such as the Pacific Police Development Program (PPDP), a move to strengthen the Kiribati Police Service. The Defence Cooperation Program in Australia also provides training and other support to the Police Maritime Unit of the Kiribati Police Service for its operation of the RKS Teanoai patrol boat, as well as this two Royal Australian Navy personnel are permanently based in the country’s capital. The Australia-Kiribati Security Partnership 2010 works towards further strengthening security co-operation between the two countries.