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Groundwater is the main source of freshwater for South Tarawa and outer island residents. Over 40% of the population now lives on South Tarawa while the rest at the outer islands including Kiritimati Island. Rainwater in Kiribati is considered only as a supplementary water source. This is due to the uneven distribution of rainfall through out the year. Droughts lasting many months (10 months or more) are common in Kiribati. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) co-ordinates and manages the water supply and sewage disposal on South Tarawa. There are three government departments that deal with the administration of the water sector – the Ministry of Environmental Health, Ministry of Health and Family Planning, The Water Unit of the Ministry of Works and Energy and Public Utilities Board. The Public Works Division of the Ministry of Works and Energy is responsible for co-ordinating the water supply to the Outer Islands. 

Water and Sanitation organisations in Kiribati
Ministry of Public Works and Utilities