Transport in Lesotho

It is easy to get around Lesotho either by driving or using public transport. Adventurous travellers can choose public transport such as coaches or minibus taxis. Being landlocked, Lesotho’s road system links at many points to the South African road network, providing excellent access to RSA cities and ports. Regular flights are scheduled from and to Moshoeshoe I International Airport via South Africa. There are no railways within Lesotho. Horses and donkeys are very important in the highlands for riding and as pack animals.

Transport organisations in Lesotho
Avis Rent-a-Car
Budget Rent-a-Car
Department of Civil Aviation
Khotso FM
Leribe Craft Centre
Lesotho Airways Corporation
Lesotho Defence Force, Helicopter Section
Lesotho Freight & Bus Services Corporation
Lesotho Sun Avis Office
Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation
Ministry of Gender, Youth & Sports
Ministry of Tourism, Environment & Culture
Mopheme - The Survivor
Moshoeshoe I International Airport
SA Airlink