Tourism in Malaysia

Malaysia attracts visitors from all over the world. Many are attracted by the vibrant cultural mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and tribal influences; the world famous twin Petronas Towers, the rainforest, the wildlife (orang-utans); the shopping; the beautiful coastline and beaches; and the high and eclectic cuisine.

Tourism organisations in Malaysia
Bukit Fraser Development Corporation
Bukit Kayu Hitam Tourist Information Centre
Cameron Highlands Tourist Promotion Association
Johor Tourist Association
Johor Department of Tourism
Johor Tourist Guides Association
Johor Tourist Information Center
Kedah Tourist Association
Kelantan State Tourist Information Office
Kelantan Tourist Association
Kuala Lumpur Tourist Association
Kuala Lumpur Tourist Information Centre
Lamut Tourist Information Centre
Langkawi Development Authority
Malaysia Tourism Centre
Malaysia Tourism Promotion Bureau
Malaysian Association of Tours and Travel Agents
Malaysian Association of Tours and Travel Agents Sabah Branch
Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)
Malaysian Tourist Guides Council
Melaka State Development Corporation
Melaka State Government
Melaka State Government
Melaka Tourist Information Center
Mersing Tourist Centre
Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism
Miri Visitors\' Information Centre
National Parks Johor Corporation
Pahang State Development Corporation
Pahang Tourist Association
Pedang Besar Tourist Information Centre
Pelangi Air
Penang Tourist Association
Penang Tourist Information Center
Pengurus Besar Perban Kemajuan Ekonomi Negeri Jogor
Perak State Government State Economic Planning Unit
Perak Tourist Association
Perak Tourist Information
Perbadan Kemajuan Ikhtisad Negeri Terengganu
Perbadan Kemajuan Negeri Kedah
Perlis State Government State Economic Planning Unit
Rantau Abang Visitor Center
Sabah National Parks
Sabah National Parks and Wildlife Office
Sabah Tourism Promotion Corporation
Sarawak Forest Department WWF World Wide Fund for Nature
Sarawak Ministry of Tourism & Environment
Sarawak National Park & Wildlife Booking Office
Sarawak Tourism Board
Sarawak Tourist Association
Sarawak Tourist Association Kuching Visitors\' Information Centre
Sarawak Travel Agencies
Selangor State Government State Economic Planning Unit
Sibu Visitor\'s Information Centre
State Tourist Promotion Officer
Terengganu Tourist Association
Tourism Division Penang Development Corporation
Tourism Malaysia
Tourism Malaysia Johor Regional Office
Tourism Malaysia Penang Regional Office
Tourism Malaysia Sarawak Branch Office
Tourism Malaysia Terengganu Regional Office
Tourism Manager South East Johor Development Authority
Tourism Selangor
Tourism Unit
Tourist Information Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Tourist Officer State Economic Development Corporation
Wildlife and National Park Department