Find Civil Society expertise in Solomon Islands

There are numerous international NGOs which work in the Solomon Islands on various projects, working towards criminalising violence against women; proposing new models for sustainable development in the Pacific region and the conservation of the Solomon Islands’ rainforest, coral reefs and wildlife. A variety of NGOs from Australia and New Zealand also operate in the country.

Multiple active civil society organisations and a number of NGOs operate in the Solomon Islands which focus on improving literacy, conservation, sustainable development and fostering local businesses. Grassroots organisation, the Uttermost Rural Development Foundation (URDF) educates and trains ex-militant youths in North Malaita.

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women works to address women’s developmental issues and the Solomon Islands Indigenous People Human Rights Advocacy Association (SIIPHRAA) teaches natives about their rights and advocates on their behalf.

The Development Services Exchange (DSE) is the country’s national NGO umbrella body. It is not a requirement for NGOs to register as a charitable organisation with the Solomon Islands government, but can be beneficial to credibility and property ownership.

The two primary trade unions are the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union (SIPEU) and the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association (SINTA). Around 10% of the island’s population participated in the formal sector of the economy in 2010.