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The well-established commercial banking system in Swaziland comprises Nedbank (Swaziland), Standard Bank Swaziland and First National Bank Swaziland, all of which are affiliated to South African banks.  First National Bank and Standard Bank Swaziland offer online banking alongside traditional banking services.  Nedbank (Swaziland) is alone in offering microfinance services (2012). It is listed on the national stock exchange and is partly owned by the government; the Swazi Government also has a minority holding in Standard Bank Swaziland. Other banking institutions include the Swaziland Development and Savings Bank and Swaziland Building Society which is the main long-term mortgage provider.

Banking and Financial Services organisations in Swaziland
Central Bank of Swaziland
First National Bank Swaziland
Nedbank Swaziland
Standard Bank Swaziland
Swaziland Building Society
Swaziland Development and Savings Bank