Find Insurance and Reinsurance expertise in Tonga

There are only a few of Tongan-based companies providing insurance services in the country.  Dominion Insurance (and its agent Insurance Corporation of Tonga (ICT)) and ANZ Tonga are perhaps the most prominent. ANZ is partnered with National Pacific Insurance Limited which allows it to offer customers a full range of policies and Dominion is a subsidiary of the Fiji-based Dominion Insurance Limited. Insurance Corporation of Tonga (ICT) operates as the agent of Dominion Insurance and offers a number of insurance services for both personal and business risks. All these insurance companies provide general insurance services. Individuals should look to regional insurance companies operating in the South Pacific such as in Fiji and New Zealand for life insurance services. The Tongan health insurance system only covers government employees; which means only 12 per cent of Tongans have health insurance.  The National Reserve Bank of Tonga is the insurance sector regulator.

Insurance and Reinsurance organisations in Tonga
Dominion Insurance (Tonga) Ltd