Research and Consultancy in Tonga

Tonga has small consultancy services sector, however one will find consultants and opportunities to consult  in sectors such IT, engineering, government, development and transport. Most services associated with the consultancy sector are rarely provided by organisation marketing themselves  strictly as ‘consultants’ but by professional experts such as lawyers and accountants.  Nevertheless `Uta`atu & Associates and Click-Tonga are just among few that list ‘consultancy’ as a flagship service. `Uta`atu & Associates is the largest professional accounting and management consulting firm in the Tonga. Click-Tongatoday specialises mainly in IT Consultancy including advertising, web design, graphic design, freelance journalism and database development.  Law firms such as Stephenson Associates  and Laki Niu Offices are useful points for consultancy and advice. Given the small size of the formal private sector the public sector is an important source of employment for consultants from within Tonga or outside it, particularly New Zealand. Ministries will occasionally employ overseas consultants to advise on matters requiring great expertise such as the liquidation of Royal Tongan Airlines where PwC New Zealand was contracted.