Independent Schools in Trinidad and Tobago


Primary female–male ratio: 0.97:1 (2010)

Secondary female–male ratio: 1.07:1 (2008)

Primary pupil–teacher ratio: 18:1 (2010)

Secondary pupil–teacher ratio: 14:1 (2008)

There are seven years of compulsory education starting at age five. Primary school comprises seven years and secondary five, with cycles of three and two years. Some 89% of pupils complete primary school (2009). The school year starts in September.

The Caribbean Examinations Council, established in 1972 by an agreement among 15 English-speaking Commonwealth Caribbean countries and territories, provides examinations and certification at secondary and post-secondary levels. Qualifications offered by the Council include the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (in 33 subjects, for students at the end of the secondary education cycle); Caribbean Advanced Proficiency (for post-secondary students entering the world of work and for those candidates who wish to continue their further education at the tertiary level); Caribbean Vocational Qualification; and, since 2005, Associate Degrees.

Independent Schools organisations in Trinidad and Tobago
Blackman's Private School
Bryn Mawr Private Primary School
Excelsior Private Secondary School
Lucia's Private School
Savonetta Private School
St Joseph Terrace Private School
St Xavier's Private School